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The museum is open free of charge during the period from 10/1 to 15/1 The inauguration was attended by Mr. Prime Minister and a group of ministers in the presence of the Irrigation Minister on 01.10.2016 The opening of the nile museum, sunday, january 10, 2016 The inauguration was attended by mr. Prime minister and a group of ministers  Know More About The Museum, Its Sections & History
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Welcome to the Nile Museum just steps from our river immortal at Aswan charming city, just steps from the Old Aswan Dam.
Nile Museum has a very funny story, where the start of 2004 under the name of the dam reservoir High Museum of Aswan and today was named the Nile Museum.
Documenting the civilization of the Nile River from the headwaters to the Mediterranean Sea and was the first Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, 1864, if the Ministry of Irrigation of the oldest ministries in Egypt and thus the goal of this museum is to document the history of Egypt since Pharaonic era to the present.
With regard to the water point sources even downstream of the Museum of the Nile funny story when I started took over as the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation in 2014 and found that the name of the museum is the dam Museum of Higher tank Aswan At the same time directed the state and endemic relations with the Nile Basin countries and documenting the culture and documenting Egypt's relations with the basin states Nile decided to change Msmha Nile Museum.